VIDEO: ‘THIS IS WARSZAWA’ | Living a trampers life ep.05

THIS IS WARSZAWA | Living a trampers life ep.05

In early August I spent a week in the beautiful city Warsaw, the capital of Poland, to made these amazing videos. With up to 43 ° Celsius, it was very hard for me to carry the heavy camera equipment throughout the day. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun in Poland, the people there, are much more open and more hospitable than in my home, Munich. A lot of people ask me, what i filmed there and from which TV station I’m coming. Mostly I had to grin, because I’m really just someone who wants to show the people a great city. After I had told, that I will make a film about the city, most of the people responded with “what is here to film?”.
Finally, I had lot of fun there and I’ve made a lot of great videos. Here I would like to say THANK YOU to the guys from SkyConcept who helped out with great aerial views of Warsaw!


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