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The multimedia platform in Poland
The new multimedia platform include The Warsaw Voice Magazine in conventional print format, The Warsaw Voice Online portal and The Warsaw Voice Daily news service. The platform is supplemented with specialized news and information services and communication tools, including the existing The Real Estate Voice and Warsaw Calendar of Events ( – published in cooperation with the Warsaw Destination Alliance foundation.

The multimedia platform will be developed continuously, based on direct input from readers and users.

The Warsaw Voice Magazine, which takes over the mantle of The Warsaw Voice weekly, is a modern monthly covering the most important political, social, economic and cultural topics.

“Reporting on trends, events and people, publishing interviews, news reports and features, analysis and opinion, we will never diverge from the principles we have followed since the first issue of The Warsaw Voice was published on Oct. 23, 1988—credibility, independence and objectivity,” Jonas said.

Poland’s first English-language magazine. Published since 1988. About 45,000 readers.

The magazine’s mission:
Providing reliable, objective and up-to-date information on Poland to English-speaking foreigners staying both in Poland and abroad.

General description:
An independent English-language monthly providing general information, prepared and edited by Polish and foreign journalists and editors.

Subject matter:
A periodical addressed to speakers of English living in Poland and abroad. It covers a very wide range of subjects, providing significant information, analyses and opinions concerning Poland and Central Europe.

General sections:
News – current events, political, social and economic analyses.
Business – economic developments, trends and processes.
Entertainment – information from the fields of art and entertainment.
Culture – social phenomena, events and personalities
Communities – information concerning the life of foreign communities in Poland.
Real Estate – information on the main segments of the Polish commercial and residential real estate market

Some regular special sections:
Regional – presentation of individual regions of the country.
National – comment on foreign investments in Poland.
Sector supplements – presenting the potential of individual sectors of the Polish economy.

– foreign and Polish businesspeople
– self-employed professionals
– diplomats
– researchers
– representatives of the foreign media
– teachers and students
– business travelers
– investors
– participants of fairs and conferences
– tourists
– representatives of foreign governments

General profile of distribution:
– The Warsaw Voice subscribers in Poland and abroad (64 countries)
– management of Western companies in Poland
– diplomatic institutions and business establishments in Poland
– top Polish companies and banks
– foreign entrepreneurs and bank managers interested in Poland
– embassies of foreign countries in Poland
– international organizations and institutions including the U.S. Congress, the European Parliament, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the OECD
– NATO headquarters and offices in Europe
– European Union directorates and other institutions based in Brussels and other European countries

10,500 copies on average.

Terapia is professional monthly for physicians and pharmacists. It has been on the market since 1993.
The science section contains opinions and articles written by prominent Polish specialist on relevant medical problems, as well as new medical and pharmaceutical products. Advertisements cover medications, medical equipment, scientific symposia and specialist fairs and exhibitions. Most of Terapia’s circulation is free of charge for professionals but it is also available subscription.

It is distributed nationwide to:
– clinic heads
– members of specialist medical associations
– doctors of various specialties
– Medical Academy Libraries
– pharmacists
– pharmaceutical wholesalers and medicine producers

Terapia is managed by one of the best Polish specialists – professor Tadeusz Tołłoczko. The periodical is one of the leading medical periodicals, in terms of both readership and professional quality.

Publisher: Warsaw Voice SA
64 Księcia Janusza St., 01-452 Warsaw
tel. (+48-22) 335 97 44,
fax (+48-22) 335 97 20

Editor-in-chief: Tadeusz Tołłoczko, tel. (+48-22) 335 97 44
Publishing Director: Barbara Milczarek, tel. (+48-22) 335 97 43
Advertising: WV Marketing Sp. z o.o., tel. (+48-22) 335 97 32
Subscription & Distribution: WV Marketing Sp. z o.o., tel. (+48-22) 335 97 21

Salon i Elegancja, a professional cosmetic monthly published since 1993. The periodical contains professional articles and beauty information, reports, interviews, descriptions of new products and worldwide correspondence interesting to cosmeticians and hairdressers.

It is available free of charge and by subscription

The magazine reaches:
– Cosmetic and dermatological centers
– Plastic surgery and biological regeneration offices
– Hairdressers, cosmetics wholesalers
– Cosmetic producers and distributors throughout Poland

Publisher: Warsaw Voice SA
64 Księcia Janusza St., 01-452 Warsaw
tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 42
fax: (+48-22) 335 97 20
Editor-in-chief: Joanna Kwiatkowska, tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 41
Advertising: WV Marketing Sp. z o.o., tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 32
Subscription & Distribution: WV Marketing Sp. z o.o., tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 23

WV Marketing Sp. z o.o.
WV Marketing Sp. z o.o., owned by the Warsaw Voice S.A., has been on the Polish market since 1995. WV Marketing is the sole commercial representative of the publications issued by Warsaw Voice S.A.: The Warsaw Voice magazine, monthlies: Salon i Elegancja, Terapia,

WV Marketing offers also the following services:
– comprehensive public-relations campaigns,
– press conference, training and seminar organization (The Warsaw Voice Conferences and The Warsaw Voice Seminars) ,
– preparation and printing of advertising and promotion materials (folders, leaflets, catalogs, periodical reports),
– direct marketing using WV Marketing’s or the client’s address database.

WV Marketing Sp. z o.o.
64 Księcia Janusza St., 01-452 Warsaw
President: Juliusz Kłosowski, tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 01
Advertising Department: Katarzyna Tajer, tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 34
Subscription & Distribution Department: Kinga Multańska, tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 21


64 Księcia Janusza St., 01-452 Warsaw, Poland

President: Andrzej Jonas
tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 00

General Director: Juliusz Kłosowski
tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 01

Advertising Department
tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 32

Subscription & Promotion Department
tel.: (+48-22) 335 97 21





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